what happened to the facebook jobs tab

what happened to the facebook jobs tab

The End of the Facebook Jobs Tab

For many small businesses, the Facebook page job tab was a great way to advertise job openings and connect with potential job seekers. However, the functionality is no longer available, leaving many companies in the dark. Here’s what happened to the Facebook jobs tab and what businesses can do to replace it:

Why the Job Tab Ended

Facebook explained that the company changed its focus to other priorities and as a result, decided to no longer offer the jobs tab feature. According to Facebook spokesperson Lydia Chan, “We decided to focus our development efforts where we think we can have the greatest impact – creating products that help businesses of all sizes build stronger relationships with their customers.”

Alternative Solutions for Job Management

Fortunately, businesses don’t have to go without the functionality previously provided by the Jobs tab. There are a few available solutions:

  • LinkedIn’s Recruiter Tool: LinkedIn offers companies a recruiting tool to post job openings and look for potential candidates. It’s premium service, but it may offer more targeted results than Facebook did.
  • Indeed: Indeed is a search engine specialized in job listings. Companies can post positions and look up potential candidates.
  • Local Job Fairs: Local job fairs are an old-school, but still effective way of connecting with potential job seekers. It’s an excellent way to hone in on local candidates and make face-to-face connections.

Although the Facebook Jobs tab was a great asset for small businesses, other solutions exist which can help businesses connect with potential job seekers. Consider leveraging the solutions listed above to substitute for the end of the Facebook Jobs tab.


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