what happens if you change jobs while buying a house

what happens if you change jobs while buying a house

What Happens if You Change Jobs While Buying a House?

Buying a house is a big commitment and can involve significant changes in one’s lifestyle. If you change jobs during the process, it can impact the financing of your home purchase. Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

Mortgage Approval

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders typically check your credit and verify your employment information. If you change jobs before closing, it could affect the lender’s decision to approve or deny your application. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Job stability: Lenders want to see that you can maintain employment for a certain period of time. Lenders will also assess factors like how long you have been at the job and any potential job security.
  • Income: Having a consistent income is important when applying for a mortgage. If you change jobs, it may impact your income and the lender’s assessment of your ability and willingness to pay.
  • Employment verification: If you change jobs while applying for a mortgage, your lender will need to verify your new employment. This could take time to complete and this could delay the closing.


If you change jobs during the homebuying process, here are a few tips to help make sure your mortgage application is still approved:

  • Be up-front: Make sure to tell your lender about any job changes. You don’t want any surprises that could lead your lender to question your ability to repay the loan.
  • Keep your paperwork: Have the right records ready to speed up the approval process. Your lender will need to verify your new job and all of your new income information.
  • Wait for approval: If you change jobs and need to apply for a new mortgage, make sure to wait until the approval has been given before signing any documents.


Changing jobs while buying a house doesn’t necessarily mean your purchase won’t be approved. However, you will need to be prepared with the right paperwork and to be patient during the process. By keeping your mortgage lender in the loop, you can make sure you don’t experience any unexpected delays.


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