what if i can t do my job after injury

what if i can t do my job after injury

What to Do If You Are Unable To Do Your Job After an Injury

One of the most difficult challenges any individual can face is sustaining an injury that permanently incapacitates them from doing the job they know and love. It can be hard to decide what to do next, but there are certain steps you can take to make the best of a difficult situation. Here are some tips.

Contact Your Lawyer

Your first step after an injury should be to contact your lawyer. Make sure they are aware of the full facts of the injury, and be sure to discuss any possibilities for getting compensation. If your injury is totally debilitating and completely prevents you from doing your job, you may need to examine options for disability insurance or other legal avenues to explore.

Apply for Benefits

Many countries have specific benefits available for individuals who are unable to work due to an injury. Contact your local Social Security office for a list of available benefits and to see if you are eligible for any. In some cases, a one-time lump sum of money may be possible, or regular payments may be available.

Make Connections

The job market can be tough, especially if you have been injured in a way that impacts your ability to do the same type of work you once did. Take time to network, reach out to other contacts in the same field, and see if there could be a position available that is better suited to your current state. This could involve consulting work, or just lesser physical demands.

Look Into New Careers

If the job you used to do is no longer physically possible, consider looking into a full career change. Look into occupations, programs, courses and certifications that could help you get into a new field. This could involve taking classes to learn a new skill, or just exploring different options of jobs you think you may enjoy.

Seek Counselling

It is totally natural to be overwhelmed and stressed out after sustaining an injury. It is important to recognise that it takes time to adjust and dealing with the aftermath of your injury is not easy. Don’t be afraid to reach out to counsellors who can help guide you through this difficult period.

An injury can be devastating, and it can be hard to know where to turn. But by taking these steps you can make the best of a difficult situation and find a path forward that suits your current needs.


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