what is a lumper job

what is a lumper job

What is a Lumper Job?

A lumper job is a type of manual labor that involves moving or handling goods, materials, or packages by hand. This can involve loading and unloading shipments at warehouses, docks, distribution centers, and other facilities. Lumper jobs are commonly found in the transportation industry, often associated with vehicle and freight companies.

Responsibilities of a Lumper

Lumpers have several responsibilities depending on the needs of their respective companies. Common tasks include:

  • Loading and unloading trucks – This typically involves moving large packages from a shipping container or truck onto a pallet or dolly and then using the appropriate tools to stow them.
  • Receiving and sorting deliveries – Lumpers usually have to organize incoming loads into a predetermined pattern and package type, as well as inspect for quality assurance.
  • Arranging shipments – This involves coordinating the placement of materials and items in a vehicle or packaging container so that they’re secure and arranged in an efficient fashion.
  • Labeling boxes – Lumpers must correctly label and document each package according to the company’s requirements in order to ensure they’re shipped and tracked accurately.
  • Performing maintenance – Lumpers may also be tasked with cleaning and checking equipment and machinery, as well as performing minor repairs and maintenance.

Skills and Qualifications of a Lumper

Working as a lumper requires an individual who is physically fit, capable of handling and maneuvering heavy equipment, and comfortable with repetitive tasks. The following skills and qualifications are typically required:

  • Knowledge of safety protocols – Lumpers must be well-versed in company safety procedures and OSHA regulations in order to properly perform their job duties.
  • Computer skills – Proper use of a computer, basic office software, and tracking systems is often required.
  • Team player – Being able to quickly learn and work in a collaborative environment is essential.
  • Strong work ethic – Lumpers should be dedicated and motivated to complete tasks with precision, efficiency, and accuracy.

Overall, working as a lumper involves various manual labor tasks associated with the transportation industry. It requires physical strength, stamina, and attention to detail. Those with the necessary qualifications and experience should find the job to be both rewarding and satisfying.


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