what is a numerator job for the census bureau

What is a Numerator Job for the Census Bureau?

The U.S. Census Bureau is responsible for gathering important data that helps the government and organizations make important decisions, from allocating resources to determining representation. In order to do this, they employ people who have a specific job; that is the job of a numerator.

What Does a Numerator Do?

Numerators are responsible for collecting and entering data from surveys, covering topics such as state and local demographics, household size, income levels, and more. They primarily do this by conducting interviews and entering information from those interviews into computers.

Numerators need to be efficient and accurate data collectors. In addition to conducting interviews and collecting information, they must also verify the data and ensure it is accurate, by checking it against other sources and verifying the accuracy of their own work.

Skills Needed

To effectively do their job, numerators need to have a few important skills, including:

  • Interviewing Skills: They must know how to properly interview people, to get accurate information.
  • Data Entry: Numerators need to be able to quickly and accurately enter large amounts of data into a computer.
  • Attention to Detail: They must be able to verify the accuracy of their own work in order to ensure that the data is correct.

A numerator job with the Census Bureau is an important and rewarding job. Numerators need to have the necessary skills to do their job, and be committed to accuracy, as the data they collect is vital for informed decision making.


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