what is a splat job

what is a splat job

What is a Splat Job?

A splat job is when a system administrator sends a ‘broadcast’ of a task to multiple computers at the same time, instead of manually running the same task one computer at a time. This type of job helps save time and energy when a large number of identical tasks must be performed across multiple systems.

How a Splat Job Works

A splat job works by transmitting a single request across a network of computers. This makes it possible to simultaneously run a task on more computers at once, rather than performing the same task multiple times on a single computer.

This type of job is an automated process, meaning that the process will kick off when the command is issued, with no additional coding or programming necessary. The administrator typically specifies an initial task and parameters, such as which machines should receive the task and certain timing considerations, when creating the job.

Advantages of Splat Jobs

Splat jobs help to streamline system performance and reduce manual labor. Some of the advantages of splat jobs include:

  • Saves Time: Splat jobs run multiple tasks simultaneously, rather than manually running a single task multiple times on different computers.
  • Ensures Consistency: All of the specified tasks are performed in the same way, ensuring consistency in the results.
  • Reduces Manual Labor: System administrators are not required to manually run each task on each computer, leading to reduced labor.


In conclusion, splat jobs are an effective way to run multiple tasks across multiple systems, without the need for manual labor. They help to save time and ensure consistency, allowing the system administrators to perform their tasks more efficiently.


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