what is a term time job

what is a term time job

What is a Term Time Job?

A term time job is employed work that does not require full-time commitment during educational terms. It is mainly taken up by a student who needs an income during the school year, or for those who wish to gain experience or skills that will boost their future employment prospects.

Benefits of a Term Time Job

  • Gain Work Experience – Potential employers are always looking for any extra-curricular activities that you may have taken part in throughout school. Taking up a temporary job can provide valuable work experience which will add to your CV and make yourself more attractive to potential employers.
  • Meet New People – Working in a new environment puts you in contact with different people in both your customers and colleagues, who can be a great network and support network.
  • Flexibility – With a term time job, you may be able to choose when you would like to work, as usually these companies are only open weekdays or on the weekends.
  • Financial Security – Working part-time gives you the opportunity to save money to use towards your education or gain skills from any workshops or tools you may need.

Types of Term Time Jobs

  • Retail – Working in a shop or store either in local neighbourhoods, or in larger malls and shopping centres.
  • Admin/Office Work – Working as a receptionist, data entry or something similar in an office environment.
  • Gap Manual Work – Doing seasonal manual work such as deliveries or construction.
  • Tutoring – Give private classes to younger students who need additional help in their studies.
  • Restaurant Work – Working as a waiter, chef or bartender in the hospitality sector.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not only students that may apply for a term time job, as there are plenty of other candidates who are looking for a part-time position that meets their needs.

Whatever type of term time job you choose, it is essential that you make sure it fits in with your study commitments and other obligations. It is also important to remember that you are applying for a job, and to treat it as the same as any other job application.

Overall, a term time job is a great way to gain skills, meet new people and to provide yourself with enough income to cover your living expenses. It is also an important step to building your professional career.


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