what is an essential element of a job description

What is an Essential Element of a Job Description?

A job description is an important tool that provides employees and job seekers with concise information on the duties, responsibilities, and expectations associated with a specific job. It is an essential element of any successful job hiring and recruitment process as it sets out clear parameters and expectations of the job role, as well as provides valuable information to the employer, who would use it to assess the applicant’s suitability for the position.

Financial Responsibilities

A job description should provide an overview of any financial responsibilities the job may require. This can include payroll and budgeting for expenses, a basic understanding of the company’s finances, or even a detailed understanding of the company’s accounts receivables and payables.

Skills and Qualifications

The job description should clearly state the skills/qualifications and experience required for the job, and any desirable but not essential skills/qualifications and experience. Common requirements include specific certifications, licensing, and degrees, as well as any special skill sets or talents needed for the job role.

Responsibilities and Duties

The job description should describe the job responsibilities and duties in detail, including any delegated tasks with set deadlines, tasks that must be completed in shift work, overtime, or ability to work in a flexible schedule, etc. It should also include any performance related goals to be achieved.

Reporting Structure

A key element to a job description is the reporting structure that outlines to whom the employee is to report their progress, whose oversight they will have, and who they will have direct contact with in the course of their job.


Benefits are a critical piece for attracting and retaining employees, therefore, job descriptions should always provide a brief overview of the available benefits to the employee such as medical coverage, vacations, pension plans, discounted services, and other perks.


Clearly laid out job descriptions are essential for successful job application and recruitment processes. They help ensure that potential job candidates are aware of the job requirements, giving employers the best chance of recruiting the right job candidate. Job descriptions should include information on financial responsibilities, skills/qualifications, responsibilities and duties, reporting structures, and benefits.


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