what is blueys moms job

what is blueys moms job

What is Bluey’s Mom’s job?

Bluey is the wildly popular show about a family of seven and their adventures recreated by Brisbane couple Joe Brumm and Darlene Johnson. Bluey follows the optimistic 6-year-old Blue Heeler, who loves to play imaginative games with her family. Fans of the show may be wondering – what is Bluey’s mom’s job?

Who is Bluey’s Mom?

Bluey’s mom is named Chilli and she is played by actress and comedian Melanie Zanetti. Chilli is responsible, caring, and incredibly patient with her kids. She is often seen in the show attempting to juggle the demands of parenting and work, which leads many to question what her job is.

What is Bluey’s Mom’s Job?

Chilli’s job is never actually revealed in the show, but there is evidence to suggest that she is a doctor. In episode 10 of Season 1, “Bingo and Chilli”, Chilli is seen wearing blue scrubs and caring for patients at a hospital. She is also seen discussing medical cases with her colleagues, which suggests that she is a medical professional.

Chilli is also seen taking on tasks of motherhood and day-to-day errands such as grocery shopping, helping Bluey with her school project, and family vacations. She is also seen trying to find a balance between her professional and personal life, often to hilarious results.

Why is the Show so Popular?

Bluey is one of the cutest and most relatable shows out there. The show tackles serious topics with a light-hearted humour that kids and adults can both enjoy. Children can learn important lessons about emotions, communication and problem-solving, while adults can relate to Chilli’s struggles of juggling work and family.

The show is also incredibly popular due to its diverse representation. The show follows a blended family of seven, with the parents of different cultural backgrounds and multiple nationalities across the family. The characters are also flawed and real, which viewers can connect to and easily relate to.


Bluey is an incredibly popular show that follows the energetic and adorable Blue Heeler and her family. While we may never know exactly what Chilli’s job is, it’s clear that she is an amazing mother and devoted professional. This is the main reason why the show is so relatable and beloved by adults and children alike.


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