what is escort job


What is an Escort Job

An escort job involves being hired as an “escort” or a companion to accompany and provide companionship to someone who has hired you on a one-time or ongoing basis. This type of job is typically done by someone who is highly trained and experienced in providing companionship and company to people. The job of an escort is to ensure that the client is both comfortable and safe whilst enjoying the companionship of their paid companion.

Responsibilities of an Escort


    • Meeting with clients and ensuring that their needs and wants are being taken into consideration


    • Providing companionship and maintaining a respectful and professional attitude throughout


    • Building a trusting relationship with clients to ensure safety and security


    • Acting as a confidant, not just physically but emotionally too


    • Being knowledgeable of the local culture and able to provide advice and suggestions accordingly


Requirements of an Escort


    • Over 18 years of age – it is illegal to hire an escort who is younger than 18 years of age


    • Good communication skills – this is important when meeting with clients and being able to identify their needs


    • Highly resourceful – it is important for an escort to be able to find their way around their client’s community and provide advice accordingly


    • Ability to provide a safety guarantee to clients – an escort should be able to provide a secure environment to ensure the safety of the client


The job of an escort can be extremely rewarding for those individuals who are able to offer both a physical and emotional connection to their clients. However, it is also important to be aware of the risks and legalities that come with the job. Escorts must always ensure that their client is 18 years of age or older, and must also take appropriate steps to guarantee the safety of the client.


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