what is ichabod crane’s job

what is ichabod crane’s job

What is Ichabod Crane’s Job?

Ichabod Crane is a character from Washington Irving’s 1820 short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. In the story he is a schoolteacher in a small Dutch village near the Hudson River. He is best known for his competition with a ghostly Hessian horseman for the affections of Katrina Van Tassel.


As a teacher, Ichabod is a strict disciplinarian but also well-liked by his students. He has a good eye for musically talented children and was known to give free music lessons as part payment for their school fees. He is respected as a knowledgeable teacher of history, literature and religion. His methods include reciting stories, singing hymns and teaching the catechism.


Ichabod is an aspiring writer who continuously channels his creative energy into the written word. He publishes essays in the local newspaper, writes poems and composes songs. His long-term goal is to become a noted poet and essayist.


Ichabod is a gifted musician and proficient at playing a variety of instruments including the flute, violin and harpsichord. He also has a good voice which he uses to give singing lessons to his students. He earned extra money by performing at parties and local festivals.


Though he is not a full-time farmer, Ichabod does participate in the local farming industry. He managed a family-owned farm and cared for their livestock including goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens. He was also responsible for harvesting crops, tending the garden and looking after the orchards.


Ichabod Crane is best known as a schoolteacher but was also a talented writer and musician. He was also involved in the local farming industry, managing a family owned farm and tending crops and livestock. His duties and responsibilities included reciting stories, singing hymns, teaching the catechism, giving music lessons and performing at local festivals.


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