what is job seeker

what is job seeker

What is Job Seeker?

The term “job seeker” is used to describe anyone who is actively seeking employment. Job seekers may be unemployed or working in a current job and looking for a better one. They may be trying to make an industry switch, or entering the job market for the first time. Regardless of their present career status, they have one thing in common – they are actively looking for a job.

Job Seeker Attributes

Job seekers have certain common characteristics and abilities including:

  • Networking and relationship building skills
  • The ability to research a target industry or occupation
  • An understanding of the job search process
  • Interview skills
  • An understanding of the latest job search tools
  • The ability to write a compelling resume

Job Seeker Obligations

Job seekers should use the following as best practices to ensure a successful job search:

  • Clearly plan and execute job search activities
  • Organize data, materials and contacts (and keep them up-to-date)
  • Track job search activities
  • Research target industries, occupations and employers before applying
  • Eliminate potential obstacles to getting hired
  • Follow up on job applications.

Job seekers should be able to demonstrate their qualifications to employers in a job interview and be prepared to present a unique, professional representation of themselves. By familiarizing themselves with the job search process and taking command of current job search tools and techniques, job seekers can increase their chances of success in their job search.


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