what is jonas’s job in the giver

what is jonas’s job in the giver

What is Jonas’s Job in the Giver?

In Lois Lowry’s The Giver, Jonas is given a very important job. He is chosen as the Receiver of Memory, which makes him the only person in the community to receive memories from the Receiver of Memory, who is known as the Giver.

Jonas’s Responsibility

As the Receiver of Memory, Jonas’s main responsibility is to bear the memories of the past for the entire community. He receives painful memories, joyful memories, and everything in between, so that the other members of the community can live without the fear of the unknown. Jonas is also responsible for teaching the community what things used to be like – a task that is made difficult by the fact that the community has forgotten or erased most of its history.

Unique Benefits

In addition to his primary responsibility, Jonas also has a few unique benefits as the Receiver of Memory. He is able to see color, making him an outcast since everyone else in the community is colorblind. He also has access to a heightened level of awareness and understanding that allows him to understand the truth about the community in a way that others cannot.


Being the Receiver of Memory is a privilege, but also a heavy burden for Jonas. While it does provide him with special abilities and insights, it also puts a great deal of pressure on him to be the guardian of the past for everyone else in the community. In the end, his job is an important one that helps keep the community safe and secure.


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