what is liver king job

what is liver king job

The Liver King Job


The Liver King job is a prestigious post held by the person chosen to serve as the spiritual leader of certain local communities or villages in Africa. As with many traditional African roles and responsibilities, the importance of the Liver King job is not understood by many outsiders. In African tradition and culture, it has been used for centuries to protect the wellbeing and longevity of a village and its people.

Job Description

The role of the Liver King is similar to that of a shaman or medicine man, in that they are believed to possess the power to read and interpret omens, cast spells, conduct rituals, and provide guidance and protection to their people. In essence, they act as a spiritual leader and protector of the community.


The Liver King is expected to uphold a variety of tasks and duties to ensure the wellbeing and longevity of the community. These include:

  • Bringing fertility and prosperity to the village.
  • Protecting the village from enemies and disease.
  • Interpreting omens and dreams.
  • Leading ceremonial rituals.
  • Making important decisions regarding the village.


The rise to the Liver King position is often based on one’s social stature and involvement in the community or village, however there are certain other qualifications that the individual must meet in order to gain this status. They must possess certain skills and qualities that include:

  • Ability to remain calm and make sound decisions in times of crisis.
  • Leadership ability and strong communication skills.
  • Knowledge of local customs and traditions.
  • Strong understanding of the spiritual aspects of the role.
  • High moral character.


The Liver King job is one of the most important roles in some African communities and is one that carries with it a large amount of responsibility and prestige. In order to obtain the position, an individual must possess certain skills, qualities, and abilities. Ultimately, if chosen, the Liver King must demonstrate strong leadership and decision making capabilities in order to effectively protect and serve his community.


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