what is per diem nursing jobs

what is per diem nursing jobs

What Are Per Diem Nursing Jobs?

Per diem nursing jobs are a great opportunity for registered nurses. These temporary nursing positions allow the nurse to work a few days a week in a specific department or area. This work provides a great way to pick up overtime hours, enjoy a flexible schedule and gain some valuable experience.

Duties of Per Diem Nurses

As a per diem nurse, you will perform the same duties as any other nurse. Your duties may include the following:

  • Assess a patient’s condition and prepare documentation.
  • Follow medical protocols.
  • Administer treatments and medications.
  • Monitor vital signs.
  • Identify, diagnose, treat and report symptoms or changes in patient’s condition.
  • Provide patient instructions and education.
  • Perform tests, maintain records and chart patient data.

Benefits of Per Diem Nursing Jobs

Per diem nursing jobs provide nurses with a flexible schedule and can fit around other commitments. Nurses can choose the days they work and can pick up extra shifts as needed. As a per diem nurse, you can also decide to take on longer-term assignments if you wish.

These nursing jobs also provide you with an opportunity to learn from different nursing teams and experience different ways of delivering patient care. This work can sharpen your skills and give you more experience for your nursing resume.

In addition, per diem nursing jobs can serve as an interim position. This is an ideal way to bridge the gap between nursing jobs or take a break from a full-time nursing job.

Wrapping Up

Per diem nursing jobs provide invaluable experience and offer a great strain of flexibility. If you are looking for additional nursing hours or a temporary change in your career, consider per diem nursing work.


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