what is rico bosco’s other job

what is rico bosco’s other job

Rico Bosco: Singer, Actor and…Virtual Network Engineer?

Rico Bosco has appeared in numerous music videos and acted on the stage and screen. Despite his popularity as a performer, few in the entertainment industry know that he is also a successful Virtual Network Engineer.


Rico Bosco graduated from the University of Los Gatos with a degree in computer science in 2002. He put his knowledge to use and quickly found work as a software engineer for a variety of companies.

Making the Switch:

Despite having a steady job, lack of fulfillment on the job prompted Rico to explore other career options. He decided to pursue a career in network engineering, and knew that he would require more in-depth training to progress in the field.

Programmable Network Expert Training

Rico enrolled in a Cisco Certifed Network Professional (CCNP) course and passed the exam with flying colors. Soon after, he moved into a new role as a Certified Professional and Network Automation Engineer (CPNAE) at MarkNetCloud LLC.

Rico’s Additional Skillset

Rico is an experienced Virtual Network Operator (VNO) who specializes in deploying and maintaining cloud-based virtual networks. He is well-versed in network automation using RESTful APIs as well as advanced automation, monitoring, and security solutions for enterprise networks. Rico is a specialist in the emerging field of “software-defined networking” (SDN), and has experience in developing secure, real-time, multi-site WAN solutions with advanced routing and switching capabilities. He has also deployed virtualized solutions on different platforms such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, JungoNet and OpenStack.


Rico Bosco’s experience in software engineering and network engineering solutions set him apart as a one-of-a-kind virtual network operator. His combined skill set can be an instrumental asset to teams in the entertainment industry, as well as help with the technical infrastructure that keeps these projects running.


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