what is the job of a cobbler

what is the job of a cobbler

The Job of A Cobbler

A cobbler is a tradesperson who repairs and makes shoes and other related leather items. This is a craft which has been around since the mid-1700’s and the skill and knowledge of a cobbler is invaluable.

What Does a Cobbler Do?

A cobbler has a variety of skills that are necessary to successfully make and repair footwear. Some of these skills include:

  • Leatherwork: Cutting, stitching, transferring patterns, stretching and shaping of leather.
  • Lacing: Attaching laces to shoes and boots.
  • Sole Attaching: Attaching soles and heels to shoes and boots.
  • Resole shoes: Replacement of the old sole with a new sole.
  • Shoe Care: Cleaning, polishing, waterproofing, stretching, minor repairs and patching.

These are just a few of the skills that a cobbler has in order to repair shoe. It is important to understand that a professional cobbler is not just someone that fixes shoes. A cobbler is highly skilled craftsman who is adept at all aspects of shoe repair and maintenance.

What Does It Take To Become a Cobbler?

There are several qualities and qualifications a cobbler must have in order to be successful. These qualities include:

  • Knowledge: A cobbler should have a general knowledge of leatherworking, lacing, sole attaching, resoling, shoe care, foot care and more.
  • Patience: As with any craft, a cobbler needs lots of patience and time to perfect their skills.
  • Creativity: A cobbler needs to be creative enough to come up with unique solutions to any problems they encounter.
  • Dedication: A surefire way to become a successful cobbler is to have the dedication to learning and practicing the craft.

There is no formal education or training required to become a cobbler. But one must be passionate, patient, and dedicated in order to be successful. Many cobblers learn from family and friends, while some attend vocational schools or study abroad in order to gain additional knowledge and experience.


So, the job of a cobbler is a highly skilled and rewarding craft. Repairing and making shoes requires a lot of patience, dedication, and skill. With the right combination of these qualities and qualifications one can become a successful cobbler.


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