what is the job of a commissioner

what is the job of a commissioner

What is the job of a Commissioner?

A Commissioner is a person who has been elected or appointed to oversee, manage, or administer a territory or a specific area. Generally, a Commissioner holds judicial or executive authority, or a blend of both.

Types of Commissioners

There are three general classifications of Commissioners:

  • Executive Commissioners: Executive Commissioners typically have dual roles as policy-makers and as executives in charge of implementing those policies. Examples of Executive Commissioners include Police/Sheriff Commissioners, Tax Commissioners, and Fire Commissioners.
  • Judicial Commissioners: Typically heard in courtrooms, Judicial Commissioners preside over hearings, review evidence, and make decisions. These can include Court Commissioners, Administrative Law Judges, or U.S. Magistrate Judges.
  • Administrative Commissioners: Administrative Commissioners have a more administrative role that combines elements of policy-making and executive duties. Examples of Administrative Commissioners are County Commissioners, Fish and Game Commissioners, or Port Commissioners.

Responsibilities of a Commissioner

The job of a Commissioner is highly variable depending on the specific position held. Responsibilities may include:

  • Evaluating, negotiating, and executing contracts
  • Preparing and enforcing policy, regulations, and statutes
  • Issuing notices and other documents related to a specific jurisdiction
  • Setting budgets & levying taxes
  • Maintaining records
  • Enforcing laws/regulations
  • Hearing cases and presiding over hearings
  • Making decisions in court
  • Creating & executing strategies for development

Education & Qualifications for Commissioners

The level of education required for a Commissioner varies depending on the position held. Typically, all positions require a law degree, professional certification, or specialized experience (i.e. financial, engineering, policing, etc.). The specific skills required for each position also may vary significantly, based on specific job duties.

In most cases, however, commissioners are expected to have excellent communication, administrative, and management skills. They must also possess the ability to think critically and to make sound decisions in a general legal context.

Finally, commissioners must possess a strong sense of ethics and integrity in order to ensure the trust of the public they serve.


In conclusion, the job of a Commissioner is highly varied and is typically determined by the position held. However, regardless of the specific duties required of a Commissioner, they should possess excellent communication, administrative, and management skills in addition to a strong sense of ethics and integrity.

Ultimately, a Commissioner is responsible for overseeing, managing, and administering a territory or a specific area.


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