what is the job of a tight end

what is the job of a tight end

What is the Job of a Tight End?

The tight end (TE) is an integral role on any team in the National Football League (NFL). A tight end is a special type of player, usually a big and strong athlete, with the ability to be dynamic both as a receiver and a blocker. A tight end is usually asked to do multiple things on any particular play and it is important that they are good at their job.

Offensive Role

On offense, a tight usually lines up on the line of scrimmage, with a big role in both running and passing plays. A good tight end will be a huge asset when playing against defenders.

  • Running – A tight end will line up closely to the offensive tackle, and therefore will be in a good position to block on running plays. It is their job to help the running back get through or around the defensive line.
  • Passing – When passing, the tight end is usually asked to be in the defender’s passing lane. They are often in the area between the defensive line and the linebackers, so they can be a great tool for QB when making a pass.

Defensive Role

On defense, the tight end is asked to be a versatile player. They will be asked to be in the backfield, sometimes as a pass rusher, sometimes as a tackler, and sometimes to just clog up passing lanes. They usually line up directly across from an offensive lineman, and their main job it to disrupt the offense’s plans.

  • Blitzing – It is a tight ends job to make sure that any possible pass play is disrupted by blitzing the offensive line. Their ability to create pressure is paramount for any successful defense.
  • Stopping the Run – Tight ends are often asked to take on large offensive linemen in order to stop running plays. Their size and strength comes in handy here, as they can usually overpower any defender they come up against.


In summary, the tight end has many different roles to play on offense and defense. It is important that they are able to perform each role well, as they can be the difference between a win and a loss.


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