what is the job of county commissioner


What is a County Commissioner?

A County Commissioner is an elected official responsible for the management and oversight of various services and projects in a particular county. They are responsible for creating and implementing county government policy, presiding over meetings of other elected officials, and making important decisions that aide the county and its constituents.

Responsibilities of a County Commissioner

The responsibilities of a County Commissioner can vary greatly from county to county, but in general they are responsible for overseeing:

    • Legislation and Budgeting: Creating, setting and approving county budgets, enacting and enforcing county ordinances, laws and regulations, and reviewing potential policy changes.


    • Transparency and Administration: Providing financial and legal accountability for county government, appointment of county staff and elected officials, and an open and transparent government.


    • Community Engagement: Working with other county elected officials and community leaders, addressing and resolving constituent member concerns.


Qualifications of a County Commissioner

The qualifications to be a County Commissioner depend largely on the laws and regulations governing elections in each county. However, in most cases candidates must meet the following requirements:

    • Residency: All candidates must be current and legal residents of the county they are running in.


    • Age: Candidates must usually be at least 21 years old.


    • Election Requirements: Candidates must comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing local elections, including filing deadlines and financial disclosures.



Being a County Commissioner is a rewarding and challenging job that requires a great deal of dedication and hard work. The position requires a unique set of skills and abilities, as well as a passion for public service and community development. If you have the qualifications and are interested in serving your county, you should strongly consider running for County Commissioner.


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