what is the job of the county commissioner

what is the job of the county commissioner

What Is A County Commissioner?

A County Commissioner is an elected administrative official responsible for overseeing government activities within their designated county. Appointed by either by governor or elected by the voters, County Commissioners set general policies and manage the various county departments.

What Does A County Commissioner Do?

The duties of a County Commissioner can vary widely depending on the location and size of the county. Generally, the following responsibilities are expected of a County Commissioner:

  • Governance: Setting direction and policy for the county government.
  • Coordination: Overseeing the Departmental Heads and ensuring departments are adequately staffed and meeting their goals.
  • Budget: Developing the budget for the county and ensuring funds are allocated according to need.
  • Legislation: Proposed and passing laws for the county.
  • Consultation: Meeting with residents and other interested parties to identify local issues and develop policies that address those issues.
  • Leadership: Representing the county to other governments, members of the public, and the media.

In addition to the primary duties, a County Commissioner can get involved in many other activities such as long-term planning, infrastructure maintenance, economic development, and public safety. They are also responsible for appointing representatives to serve on county boards, including planning boards and public works commissions.


The County Commissioner plays a critical role in ensuring efficient and effective local government. By establishing policies, managing the budget and promoting collaboration between departments, County Commissioners ensure county services are provided in an efficient and equitable manner.


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