what is the job outlook for a professional athlete

what is the job outlook for a professional athlete

Job Outlook for Professional Athletes

Professional athletes enjoy the competitive atmosphere of their sport and the adrenalin that comes with playing in front of an audience. For these individuals, success in their sport is essential to a successful career. Although the job outlook for professional athletes is competitive and uncertain, those who have a passion for the game and are willing to work hard can potentially make a career out of it.

Education Required

The road to professional sports involves dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice. Those who want to pursue a career in sports must acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Usually, athletes must participate in some form of training, such as a physical education course or a sport-specific program, to hone their skills. Many athletes attend college or university to gain additional skills and knowledge in their sport.

Licensing Requirements

In addition to the educational requirements, professional athletes must also obtain a license from their respective sports organization. The licensing process varies from sport to sport, and applicants must often pass physical and mental fitness tests, complete interviews and take drug tests.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for professional athletes is constantly changing. The number of athletes that make it to the professional level is generally lower than the number of people who try out for the sport in general. Many organizations provide a development program to help athletes become more competitive, but this does not guarantee success in the professional ranks.

Salaries vary widely depending on the type of sport, level of competition and the athlete’s skill level. Amateur athletes may not receive any financial compensation, while professionals can potentially make millions of dollars a year.

Career Opportunities

In addition to job opportunities as professional athletes, there are several other ways to make a career out of sports. Coaching, training and management positions often pay well and provide interesting and rewarding career opportunities.

In addition to traditional jobs within the sports industry, athletes may be able to find work in media or broadcasting such as commentating, sports analysis and writing.


The job outlook for professional athletes is varied and uncertain. It is important that athletes prepare for their future with proper education and training. Although success in the professional ranks is not guaranteed, those who are committed to their sport and willing to work hard have the potential to make a career out of it. There are also many other career opportunities within the sports and media industry that can provide an interesting and rewarding career.


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