what is the message of job for us today

what is the message of job for us today

What is the message of Job for us Today?

The book of Job is a timeless story that speaks to each generation and culture. Based in ancient times, its themes and teaching can still be applied to our lives today. While its message touches on loss, anguish, and suffering, its significance lies in how it unfolds and how its message teaches us to trust God, no matter what.

The Book of Job in Context

The book of Job follows the life of a wealthy man who quickly lost all of his possessions, land, and his family. Tempting Job to curse God, Satan is allowed to bring test upon Job and his character. Throughout the book we see Job struggling with his faith throughout his struggles and the opinions of family and friends. In the end, Job keeps his faith and is restored with even greater blessings than he had before.

The Message of Job

The main message of Job is to maintain faith despite the suffering. In the face of great losses and trials, Job kept faith in God and we are encouraged to do the same. In our day to day lives, we may not suffer the same kind of loss Job does, but that does not mean we won’t suffer. Job’s test shows us that even if we don’t have the answer to why tragedy happens, we can always turn to God trusting that He will always have a plan.

Application of Job to Today’s Life

Here are some ways that Job’s message applies to us today:

  • Suffering: Every person suffers in some way, shape or form. Though it will vary, Job shows us that even in the depths of suffering, God can be found if we choose to keep faith in Him.
  • God’s Sovereignty: Job’s story reinforces the truth that God is still in control no matter what. We may not understand the trials that come our way, but we can rest assured that God still reigns over all.
  • Justice: Ultimately, the book of Job illustrates that God is deeply concerned with justice. Though people suffer unjustly, God will ultimately repay all injustice and reward those who persevere and demonstrate faith during tough times.

The book of Job touches each of us individually and its message is just as applicable today as it was for ancient readers. Ultimately it speaks to God’s sovereignty, reminding us that no matter the situations that arise God is with us and will restore us.


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