what is the rarest job in the world

what is the rarest job in the world

The Rarest Job in the World

Every job is unique in its own way, some more popular than others. The rarest job in the world is often hard to define, as it depends on where you are located, but some jobs are usually considered to be rarer than others.

Which Jobs are the Most Rare

Some of the rarest jobs around the world include:

  • Professional Sleeper: This job involves sleeping in order to study circadian rhythms.
  • Police Sketch Artist: This job involves drawing pictures of the persons involved in criminal activities.
  • Iceberg Inspector: This particular role involves surveying, mapping and cataloging icebergs in order to prevent collisions with large ships.
  • Fur Detective: This job requires individuals to investigate illegal fur trading activity.
  • Chocolate Taster: This job requires one to taste, assess and report on chocolate products
  • Cheese Maker or Tester: This job involves creating or tasting different types of cheese.
  • Golf Ball Diver: This job involves scuba diving in order to retrieve golf balls.

These are just a few of the rarest jobs around the world. But what could be the rarest job of all?

The Rarest Job of All

The rarest job of all is a Frog Sorter. This job involves sorting frogs according to their species, size and color. Some of the frogs may also need to be counted. As this job requires a considerable amount of knowledge of frogs and their species, it is not commonly found in many parts of the world.

This is just one example of the rarest job in the world. There are many others that may not be as widely known, but are none the less unusual.


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