what is the safest military job

what is the safest military job

The Safest Military Job

From a broad perspective, no job in the military is inherently safe. Any military veteran will tell you that the job of a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman carries with it risk. That said, there are a few military jobs that don’t require direct involvement in combat and are generally considered to be much safer.

Healthcare Professional

Military healthcare professionals – such as doctors, nurses, medics and veterinarians – provide vital support to service members in both combat and non-combat situations. These professionals receive significant training on top of their pre-existing qualifications, and are generally far away from the front line of battle.

Tech Professionals

Information technology professionals keep the Army, Navy and Air Force up to date with the technology needed for modern warfare. IT professionals maintain the communication and GPS systems, which allow for better coordination between service members and allies. They also help develop and maintain the large computer networks necessary for intelligence gathering.

Logistics Officer

Logistics officers help to provide the vital supplies needed for any field unit. Their job is to organize the resources available and ensure these resources get to the needed locations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although they may have to go out into the field to ensure their orders are followed, they are generally not in direct contact with the enemy.

Military Lawyer

Not every job in the military involves combat. Military lawyers are responsible for upholding the law and providing legal support to service members during all stages of their tour of duty, whether in times of peace or war.

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts are responsible for finding, collecting and analyzing valuable data. They work to determine what information is available and then share that information with other members of the military. This highly-skilled position involves many hours of monitoring computers, ensuring that the military is always aware of the data needed to make sure their operations are successful.


Overall, there is no job in the military that is entirely safe from the risks of combat. However, some roles can be more removed from harm’s way than others. The listed jobs – healthcare professional, tech professional, logistics officer, military lawyer, and intelligence analyst – all focus heavily on the support and management of the military. As such, these jobs are considered not only to be powerful positions, but safer positions.


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