what is the scariest job in the world

what is the scariest job in the world

What is the Scariest Job in the World?

We often hear stories of crazy and risky jobs, but what is the scariest job in the world?

There are some jobs that are known for their potential dangers, such as a firefighter, a police officer, or a skydive instructor. But there are also some jobs that require a level of bravery and skill that is hard to match. Let’s take a look at some of the scariest jobs in the world:

Bomb Disposal Specialist

Bomb disposal specialists expose themselves to the most life-threatening dangers of any job. They are tasked with the dangerous job of diffusing bombs, both old and new. Not only do they have to be able to identify and handle explosives, they also have to be incredibly brave, as they never know what lies ahead.

Crocodile Wrangler

Crocodile wranglers have the job of apprehending the often enormous reptiles that cease to terrorise the locals. Being in such close contact with the large and incredibly powerful creatures is incredibly dangerous, and requires a lot of skill. Sometimes the wranglers have to come up with ingenious ways to capture the animals, such as using a lasso or a noose.

Elevator Repairer

Elevator repairers have to repair elevators while they are at work, usually while they are still in use. Furthermore, they have to work in cramped and dangerous conditions, often with a great deal of pressure. The work involves meticulous repair work while standing on thin and unstable ledges, combined with the risk of electrocution.

Pest Control Worker

Pest control workers have the unenviable job of dealing with some of the most feared creatures on Earth – insects, spiders, and rats. This job may not seem that dangerous, but it involves working in often cramped and dark spaces with poisonous and aggressive creatures. It also requires dealing with strong and powerful insecticides, which requires being very careful.


Overall, there are many dangerous and brave jobs around the world that require a lot of courage. Being a bomb disposal specialist, a crocodile wrangler, an elevator repairer, or a pest control worker is no easy task, and these types of jobs often require specialised training and skill. Whether it is courage, skill, or a combination of both, it’s clear that these are some of the scariest jobs in the world.


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