what is the tight ends job

what is the tight ends job

Understanding the Role of Tight End in American Football

The role of a tight end in American football is complex and versatile. This position calls for a diverse set of skills and attributes, and is critical to the success of any offensive line. In this article we’ll explain what exactly a tight end does and the essential qualities of an effective tight end.

What Does a Tight End Do?

The tight end is a unique position in American football as they are asked to handle a combination of different responsibilities. Their primary duties include:

  • Blocking: As part of the offensive line, the tight end is responsible for blocking to protect the quarterback and open up running lanes for the running back.
  • Route Running: Tight ends are also often used to run routes and make catches. This is usually done in a style of play known as “two-tight end sets”.
  • Flexibility: The tight end is typically asked to take on different roles depending on the offensive gameplan. They must be able to adapt to different roles and be effective.

Qualities of an Effective Tight End

To be effective in their role, there are some key qualities that a tight end should possess. The most important qualities are:

  • Strength: As they will be engaging in physical contact while blocking, tight ends must possess good strength and physical conditioning.
  • Agility: Agility is key for tight ends as they are often involved in route running and changing direction rapidly.
  • Endurance: Tight ends must have good endurance as they will be on the field for long periods during a game.
  • Catching: Tight ends must possess reliable hands as they can be targets for passes in various situations.
  • Intangible Qualities: Lastly, effective tight ends must have the mental ability to understand their role and adjust quickly.

In conclusion, the role of a tight end in American football requires a combination of physical and mental qualities. Players in this position are often integral to the success of an offensive drive and possess many unique abilities and traits.


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