what is the tight ends job

what is the tight ends job

What is the Tight Ends Job?

Tight Ends are arguably one of the most difficult and important positions in professional American Football. It is a demanding job that requires a player to possess multiple, varied skills and attributes. Here is an overview of what a Tight End’s job entails:


The Tight End’s primary job on the field is to be a threat in the passing game. The best tight ends possess the size and strength to be effective in blocking, but also have the agility to separate from their defender and be a reliable target for their quarterback. The Tight End needs to have the ability to read and run routes, and have good hands.


Tight Ends are often asked to block on passing and running plays. They must be able to win the blocking matchup in order to keep their quarterback upright and create holes for their running back. The combination of size and agility allows a good blocking tight end to work in tandem with offensive linemen and create an effective and efficient protection line.


The Tight End’s role is not just confined to on-the-field action. They are often asked to be leaders on their teams. They must be willing to take control, call out plays and assist younger teammates. A good Tight End needs to have the ability to take command and inspire those around him.

To have success at Tight End, a player must possess:

  • Good Hands – the ability to catch the ball consistently
  • Agility – the ability to move and separate from the defender
  • Size – the strength to break through a defender and the bulk to contribute or initiate a blocking assignment
  • Leadership – the mental strength and composure to accurately call out plays and provide guidance and motivation

The job of a Tight End is certainly a challenging and demanding one. It is a position that requires players to be well-rounded and versatile. A successful Tight End must possess a mixture of skill, strength and intelligence.


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