what is virtual job tryout

what is virtual job tryout

What is a Virtual Job Tryout?

A virtual job tryout (VJT) is an assessment-based hiring process that utilizes technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate job candidates. VJTs are designed to scan through large volumes of applicant data quickly and accurately. Often referred to as “talent analytics”, these platforms help employers measure the qualities they seek in potential new employees, such as traits, skills, and aptitude.


  • Provides Easy Screening: A VJT helps employers quickly source talent and applicants by providing criteria-matching, job-specific testing, and intuitive question-answer flow.
  • Eliminates Bias: AI virtual job tryouts remove the human element of traditional hiring processes, thus reducing bias in hiring decisions.
  • Reduces Recruiting Time: Automated VJTs allow employers to quickly filter through hundreds of resumes and other application materials, saving time and costs for recruiters.
  • Improves Quality of Hire: VJT assessments provide real-time feedback on applicants, making the job-hiring experience much easier and more accurate.


VJT assessments often contain multiple components including:

  • Cognitive ability tests: tests that measure problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Personality tests: tests that reveal a candidate’s personality and work style.
  • Skills tests: tests that require a candidate to demonstrate their actual knowledge and abilities related to a specific job.
  • Simulations: exercises that place the candidate in common workplace scenarios to gain a better understanding of how they will interact and perform on the job.


Overall, virtual job tryouts are an effective way for employers to quickly sort through and evaluate large numbers of job applications in an efficient and unbiased manner. Through an objective evaluation process, employers can assess the skills, traits, and aptitude of an individual, improving the quality and accuracy of their final hiring decision.


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