what job do the best students choose in spanish

what job do the best students choose in spanish

What Job do the Best Students Choose in Spain?

For many students, stepping into higher education after finishing secondary school education presents a lot of thrilling and daunting choices. The best students usually have ambitions towards a great career, and most would like to choose a major that will park them right at the centre of the job market. The best and brightest students in Spain have a lot of options to choose from and have to decide which path will be the most suitable and beneficial for their long-term career objectives.

Potential Careers in Spain

Below are some of the career paths often chosen by the best and brightest students in Spain:

  • Law: Spain has a sophisticated legal system and one of the largest law schools in Europe. Students interested in the law can choose to specialize in several areas. These include criminal law, international law, human rights, government law and business law.
  • Medicine: Spain has an excellent healthcare system and its medical degrees are highly sought after by top universities around the world. Medical students often specialize in areas such as surgery, pharmacology, pediatrics and public health.
  • Engineering: Spain is known for its huge and rapidly advancing engineering sector, with it leading the world in the field of sustainable energy sources. Students can pursue degrees in various disciplines such as materials engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and biomedical engineering.
  • Business: Spain is an economic powerhouse in Europe and the world. The country’s business schools offers courses in areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, international business and economics.
  • Information Technology: With technological advancements and emerging markets, Spain has emerged as a hub of software solutions, IT services, and various technological innovations. IT students in Spain often specialize in areas such as systems engineering, data science and software development.


There are many job prospects for the best students in Spain. Besides the above options, students can also pursue careers in areas such as journalism, education, hospitality and even the arts. Spain offers students a wealth of career opportunities, which make it a great option for those who want to pursue a successful and fulfilling career.


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