what job makes 400k a year

what job makes 400k a year

Jobs That Pay $400,000 a Year

Are you searching for a job that pays a large salary? Most positions that pay an annual salary of $400,000 are in highly skilled fields, such as finance, engineering, software development, or executive management. This article will explore several popular jobs that pay $400,000 per year or more.

1. Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgeons specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons can make an average salary of $400,000 per year depending on their experience, skill and the area they work.

2. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who specialize in administering anesthesia to patients before and during surgeries. They also manage patient pain during and after surgery. Anesthesiologists earn an average annual salary of $400,000 or more.

3. Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for developing and executing strategies to achieve a company’s budgetary and financial goals. Financial managers may earn as much as $400,000 per year, depending on their experience and the company they work for.

4. CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company is the highest-ranking executive of the organization. CEOs are responsible for developing the company’s strategy and vision, managing the day-to-day operations, and ensuring the company’s long-term success. CEOs of large corporations earn a salary upwards of $400,000.

5. Software Developer

Software developers create applications and programs that are used by individuals and companies. Experienced software engineers can make over $400,000 in salary, depending on their skill level, the company they work for, and the type of software they create.

6. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers design, develop, and supervise the extraction of petroleum and natural gas from deposits beneath the earth. Petroleum engineers are highly sought after, and they can earn an average salary of $400,000 per year.


The above list reveals that many high-paying jobs come with an annual salary of over $400,000. Of course, earning such a salary requires many years of experience, dedication, hard work and specialization in the right field. Working in these professions can be very rewarding, both professionally and financially.


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