what job makes 400k a year

what job makes 400k a year

What Job Makes 400K a Year?

Finding a job that pays an income of 400K a year is a highly sought-after goal when it comes to career planning. While it may seem like a daunting task to earn a salary of this magnitude, there are some jobs that may provide you with the potential to reach this financial milestone.

High Paying Jobs

If you are looking to make 400K a year, here are some potential careers to pursue:

  • Investment Banker – Investment bankers earn the highest median salary with the potential to earn 400K or more a year. It’s no surprise since investment bankers are some of the most sought-after professionals in the financial sector.
  • Software Developer – Software developers are in high demand as businesses rely on their skills to create new software to power their operations. Salaries for software developers can range from $75,000 up to 400K a year for the most experienced and successful developers out there.
  • Physician/Doctor – Doctors and physicians can earn a median salary of $206,000 per year and can earn up to 400K a year or more depending on their specialty. Doctors are in demand in a variety of areas, and their salary growth potential makes it a highly attractive career to pursue.
  • Lawyers – Lawyers, especially those practicing in a firm and earning a commission can earn upwards of 400K a year, especially as they gain experience. Lawyers in law firms specializing in areas such as corporate, intellectual property, personal injury, and taxation, can earn significantly higher salaries than others in the legal profession.
  • Executives – Executives, particularly CEO’s, can earn an impressive 400K a year. Depending on their level of experience and the organization they are working for, competent and experienced CEO’s can earn high six figures or even seven-figure salaries.


With dedication and hard work, it is possible to achieve a salary of 400K a year or more depending on the profession you choose. The key is to do your research and find out what areas you enjoy and excel in, and then actively pursue these jobs and careers. With a good understanding of the job market and experience, you can be on your way to earning 400K a year.


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