what job pays 1000 an hour

what job pays 1000 an hour

The Highest paying Job That Pays $1000 per Hour

Paying the bills is such a difficult task when you don’t have a good paying job. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to get a job that pays at least $1000 an hour. However, it is possible to find the highest paying job that pays $1000 an hour.


Surgeons are specialized individuals in performing operations on a patient’s body. Generally they have to go through a long period of studies and residency. According to PayScale.com, surgeons report making a median pay of $103.44 an hour. For more experienced surgeons, this number can go up even higher.


Lawyers usually spend many years learning the ins and outs of the law. Senior lawyers who have built a track record often receive very high fees for their services. According to PayScale.com, lawyers can make an average of $79.73 an hour.

Software Developers and Architects

Software developers and architects have to write a program code that is followed to create an application, website, or software. They report making an average of $76.25 an hour.


Accountants are responsible for keeping and monitoring financial records. They get paid an average rate of $58.12 according to PayScale.com.

Golf Professionals

Golf is a popular sport among people of all ages. Golf professionals get paid an average hourly fee of $55.83

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors help individuals create a plan for their finances. They help their clients achieve their financial goals and get paid an average of $47.94 an hour.


Getting a job that pays $1000 an hour is quite hard to find. However, it is possible to find specialized jobs such as surgeons, lawyers, software developers, accountants, golf professionals, and financial advisors that make an average rate of $1000 an hour.

It is important to note that these jobs are highly specialized, requiring a high level of dedication, self-discipline, and hard work.


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