what jobs are in demand in new brunswick

what jobs are in demand in new brunswick

Jobs in Demand in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a small Canadian province on the east coast, with a rich history and numerous exciting job possibilities. As the province continues to develop and focus on a strong economy and well-educated workforce, many job opportunities are now available in a wide variety of industries.

High Demand Jobs in New Brunswick

Below are some of the jobs in high demand in New Brunswick:

  • Financial Services Representatives – Financial services representatives are in high demand in New Brunswick, with major employers such as TD Bank and Scotiabank having multiple locations in the province. Financial services representatives provide customer service and help customers manage their accounts and investments.
  • Medical Professionals – With the recent influx of new residents and tourists, New Brunswick is looking for qualified medical professionals, including registered nurses, primary care physicians and specialists such as dermatologists and mental health professionals.
  • Environmental Scientists – New Brunswick is making efforts to reduce its environmental impact, and licensed environmental scientists are in high demand to help conduct research, analyze data and make policy recommendations.
  • Construction Managers – As the population of New Brunswick continues to grow and new infrastructure is built, there is an ongoing need for experienced construction managers. The job provides an opportunity to oversee large-scale construction projects and work closely with different teams responsible for completing the work.
  • IT Professionals – New Brunswick is home to a number of established tech companies and there is an ongoing need for experienced IT professionals. These professionals are responsible for developing, managing and maintaining computer systems and networks.


New Brunswick is quickly becoming an attractive place for job seekers, with a wide range of industries in need of qualified professionals. If you are looking for work in Canada, New Brunswick is an excellent place to start your search.


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