what jobs can a 14 year old get in idaho

what jobs can a 14 year old get in idaho

Jobs That 14-Year Olds in Idaho Can Get

Finding a job as a 14-year old in the state of Idaho is possible with the supervision of a guardian. Taking on a job as a young teenager is a good way to start developing professional skills, earning money and gaining experience. Here are some types of jobs that teenagers aged 14 can typically find in Idaho:

Retail Jobs

Most retail stores in Idaho, such as department stores, will hire 14-year-olds for part-time jobs such as stocking shelves, cashiering, bagging groceries, and helping customers.

Babysitting Jobs

14-year-olds who have taken a babysitting or child-care course can find jobs at local daycare centers or babysitting for family and friends.

Food Service Jobs

Fast food restaurants and traditional restaurants often hire 14-year-olds for kitchen work or as busboys or cashiers.

Yardwork Jobs

14-year-olds can find part-time job opportunities doing general outdoor maintenance and yardwork. Possible tasks include mowing lawns, shoveling snow, planting flowers or pruning trees.

Camp Counselor Jobs

If your 14-year-old is full of energy and enthusiastic about working with children, consider looking for summer jobs as camp counselors.

Tutoring Jobs

In order to tutor students, 14-year-olds need to have demonstrable skills in a particular area of study. Common subjects include:

  • Math
  • Music
  • Computer Programming
  • Language
  • Art
  • Sports

14-year-olds may be able to find tutoring jobs with local families, schools or tutoring agencies.

If your 14-year-old wants to work in Idaho, you should help them understand the laws that regulate how much they can work, when they can work, and what type of job they can take. With the right resources, determination and guidance, 14-year-olds can find rewarding jobs in the state of Idaho.


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