what jobs can a pharmacy technician do

what jobs can a pharmacy technician do

What Jobs Can A Pharmacy Technician Do?

A pharmacy technician is a vital member of the healthcare team. With their knowledge and expertise, they help pharmacists by preparing and dispensing medications and providing customer service in pharmacies. So, what jobs do pharmacy technicians do exactly?

Job Responsibilities

A pharmacy technician’s job includes numerous responsibilities such as:

  • Receiving prescription requests from customers and health care professionals
  • Processing requests through a computer system
  • Labeling and filling prescription containers with appropriate medications
  • Measuring and counting medications
  • Delivering medications to customers
  • Answering the telephone
  • Entering patient information into the computer
  • Receiving payments from customers

In addition, pharmacy technicians may be asked to deliver medications to nursing homes or other healthcare facilities.

Educational Requirements

In order to become qualified, pharmacy technicians must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some states even require pharmacists to obtain post-secondary education and pass licensing exams. While some states do not require certification for pharmacy technicians, many employers prefer technicians who have earned national certification.


In summary, pharmacy technicians play an integral role in the healthcare team. With the right education and qualifications, individuals can pursue a career as a pharmacy technician and be responsible for a variety of tasks, from preparing and dispensing medications to providing customer service.


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