what jobs can diabetics not do

what jobs can diabetics not do

Jobs Which Diabetics May Not Be Able to Take

Diabetes, a life-long metabolic disorder, affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Maintaining good control of it is essential for diabetics to remain healthy and active. As a result, it can have an impact on their employment opportunities. In general, jobs available to diabetics are not limited by the disease and there are many occupations which, with suitable management, can be a great fit for those living with diabetes.

That being said, there are a number of job roles or tasks which may be inappropriate for diabetics. Depending on the type of diabetes and its severity, as well as the specific job requirements it may be possible to accommodate a diabetic employee, however, this may not always be appropriate.

Jobs Which Require Extensive Travel

Careers which involve large amounts of travelling can be problematic for diabetics, especially those with Type 1 diabetes, who need to carefully manage their condition and diet. Regular insulin injections may need to be taken to regulate their glucose levels, which may be more difficult when travelling, particularly to a new time zone.

Jobs Which Require Constant Attention

It may be particularly difficult for diabetics to take on certain roles, where sustained high levels of concentration and attention are required. Jobs such as air traffic controllers or truck drivers may require diabetics to work for long periods without taking rest breaks. This could mean the inability to manage insulin levels over long shifts and an increased risk of a hypoglycemic episode.

Jobs Requiring Increased Physical Activity

Jobs which require strenuous physical activity, such as coal mining or IT support, may also not be suitable for certain diabetics. This is because physical exertion can lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels and may affect the person’s ability to work efficiently and safely. Depending on the type and severity of the diabetes, it may be possible to adapt the job, with the addition of adequate rest breaks and the management of food intake.

The best way to ensure that the job role is suitable for those with diabetes is to carefully assess the job requirements and discuss this with potential employees. Creating an appropriate working environment may be necessary to ensure everyone is in a safe and healthy place.

It is also important to remember that while there may be restrictions on some roles, in general, many job roles can be well suited to diabetics and they should not let their condition hold them back from finding suitable employment.


  • Diabetes may have an impact on certain employment opportunities.
  • Jobs which require extensive travel, constant attention and increased physical activity may be difficult for diabetics.
  • Careful assessment of job roles and discussion with employees can help ensure that suitable roles for diabetics are identified.
  • Most jobs are well suited to those with diabetes.


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