what jobs can i get with a cdl

what jobs can i get with a cdl

What jobs can you get with a CDL?

A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is required for a variety of professional driving positions. With a CDL in your pocket, you can pursue different jobs in the trucking and transportation industry. Here are some of the most common ones:


As one of the most common jobs available to CDL holders, truck drivers are responsible for the safe operation of large, commercial rigs. As a trucker, you’ll be on the road for hours or days at a time and will have to adhere to strict safety guidelines.

Oversized Load Hauler

Oversized load haulers are commercial drivers who specialize in transporting vehicles or items that exceed the size and weight limits of a regular truck. They must have extensive knowledge of local and federal laws regarding the transport of large and often hazardous loads.

Bus Driver

Those with a CDL can also pursue a career in transportation as a bus driver. As a bus driver, you’ll be responsible for safely transporting passengers from one location to another. You must also adhere to schedules and routes, as well as provide customer service to passengers.

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers transport goods from one location to another, often on a regular route. They may transport mail, parcels, and other goods via truck or van. Delivery drivers must have excellent customer service skills and the ability to read maps and follow directions.

Shuttle Driver

Shuttle drivers are similar to bus drivers, except they operate smaller vehicles such as vans, and they often transport passengers from parking lots to their destination. Also known as airport or hotel shuttle drivers, they must be able to communicate clearly with passengers and ensure their safety.

Construction Truck Driver

Construction truck drivers transport heavy materials and equipment to and from construction sites. They must be able to read loading plans and follow safety regulations, and must also be able to navigate routes safely in a large, commercial vehicle.

In order to pursue any of the jobs mentioned above, you must have a valid CDL and complete the necessary training and certifications, if needed. With a CDL, you can take your career in the trucking and transportation industry to the next level.


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