what jobs can i get with a cdl

what jobs can i get with a cdl

Qualifications and Jobs Available with a CDL

Do you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)? You could be eligible for a variety of exciting jobs in the trucking industry, ranging from local delivery truck driver to long-distance transcontinental haulers. Here’s a look at the qualifications you’ll need and the types of jobs available with a CDL.

Qualifications for CDL Jobs

Most CDL jobs require a valid CDL, earned through a certified driver-training program. The required tests and chapters of instruction may vary by state, but typically include:

  • Basic skills tests: You’ll be tested on knowledge of road signs, safe driving habits, and other related topics.
  • On-the-road skills test: You’ll be tested on your actual driving abilities, such as maneuvering, backing up, and shifting gears.
  • Medical exam: You’ll need to pass a physical to show that you are physically fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

Types of CDL Jobs

Once you’ve qualified for a CDL, you may work as a:

  • Truck driver: You’ll be hauling freight for a variety of industries and companies. Some positions may require long-distance travel.
  • Transporter: You’ll be tasked with transporting cars and other vehicles from one location to another.
  • Tow truck operator: You’ll be responsible for picking up and delivering vehicles to locations, as directed.
  • Delivery truck driver: You’ll be transporting goods and materials to various local destinations.
  • Bus driver: You’ll be transporting passengers to various locations, typically within the same metropolitan area.

You may also find jobs related to your particular field, such as hauling hazardous materials, agricultural products, or military equipment.

Finding CDL Jobs

There are a variety of resources available to you if you’re looking for a CDL job. You may search online for open positions in your area, or use job-search websites such as Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Many trucking companies also offer job postings on their websites.

You may also look for listings in your local newspaper and Craigslist. Additionally, it can be beneficial to attend industry events and networking gatherings to expand your professional contacts. Lastly, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles also may provide job listings and resources.

With the right qualifications and persistence, you can find a variety of jobs with a CDL. You may work locally or travel to different parts of the country while delivering cargo of all types. In some cases, you may even be able to use your CDL to pursue your dream job!


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