what jobs can i get with an electrical technology degree

what jobs can i get with an electrical technology degree

What Jobs Can I Get With an Electrical Technology Degree?

Getting an electrical technology degree can open up a wide range of job possibilities, from maintenance and repair technician to a full-fledged electronics engineer. Whether you are interested in managing a research laboratory or installing fixtures in homes and businesses, you can use your degree to begin a successful career in this flourishing field.

Possible Career Paths and Salaries

With an electrical technology degree, you can find employment in a variety of areas, including:

  • Electrical Maintenance Technician: These technicians inspect, maintain, and repair electrical equipment in factories and businesses. On average, these technicians can earn around $47,000 per year.
  • Electronics Engineer: These engineers design and construct electronic products, test them, and supervise their production process. Electronics engineers with several years of experience can typically earn $84,000 per year.
  • Lab Manager: These managers oversee daily operations in a research or industrial laboratory. Experienced lab managers can earn up to $116,000 per year.
  • Home or Small Business Installer: These technicians usually install and repair electrical equipment and fixtures in homes and small businesses. On average, they earn around $39,000 a year.

Advantages of Electrical Technology Degrees

There are several advantages to having an electrical technology degree, including:

  • You have a wide range of job possibilities in a flourishing field.
  • You gain skills in designing, manufacturing and testing.
  • You can specialize in one or more areas of technology.
  • You can use your knowledge to create new equipment or to improve existing ones.

Overall, having an electrical technology degree can open up many new career possibilities. With the right training and experience, you can enjoy a rewarding career in the field of electronics.


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