what jobs can i get with an rbt certification

what jobs can i get with an rbt certification

What jobs can I get with an RBT Certification?

Many people are interested in becoming Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). The great thing about RBT certification is that there are numerous job opportunities that can make use of it. At its core, RBT certification stands for applied behavior analysis, which is a system used to modify behavior. So, if you’re interested in a career path that involves improving the lives of others through evidence-based practices and reward systems, becoming an RBT may be a great fit for you. Here are some of the types of jobs you can obtain with an RBT certification.

Behavior Therapist

Behavior therapists use their RBT certification to help clients learn how to handle their challenging behavior. They can aid clients by providing reinforcement, structured teaching, appropriate strategies and strategies for responding to difficult behavior. Behavior therapists also create behavior plans and provide data collection to measure the success of their interventions.

Case Manager

Case managers use their background in applied behavior analysis to work with clients with disabilities. They coordinate resources in order to ensure that the client is receiving all of the services they need. Case managers work with schools and other providers to ensure the client has the best quality of life.

ABA Tutor

ABA tutors can use their RBT certification to provide direct instruction to children with disabilities. They use evidence-based strategies to develop goals and plans that directly impact and improve the lives of their clients. ABA tutors can even help clients transition from one setting to another, such as from home to school.

Rehabilitation Specialist

Rehabilitation specialists help their clients regain their abilities and reduce the impact of their disabilities on their everyday lives. They use data-driven approaches to identify problem areas and present realistic goals to their clients. RBT certification is necessary for those who hold these positions to better understand their clients and the behavior of those with disabilities.

Residential Support Provider

Residential support providers can use their RBT certification to provide professional guidance to individuals with disabilities who reside in residential settings. These providers not only develop programs to facilitate social, recreational and other activities, but also monitor behavior and provide support as needed.

There are many rewarding and exciting jobs available to those with RBT certification. With this certification, you can find a career in a variety of settings—from school to home and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career that helps others, becoming an RBT is a great choice!


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