what jobs can nursing students get

what jobs can nursing students get

Jobs for Nursing Students

Nursing students have a range of potential jobs available to them upon graduation, both within and outside the field of traditional nursing. Depending on the student’s experience, they may opt to be a registered nurse, the role of a nurse practitioner, or many other positions that a bachelor’s in Nursing can provide.

Healthcare Settings

Newly graduated nursing students may chose to begin their careers in the field of traditional healthcare settings, providing direct patient care or taking positions with other non-traditional roles:

Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Responsible for delivering comprehensive, quality patient care.
  • Work in any healthcare setting while collaborating with other healthcare providers and connecting with a diverse patient population.

Nurse Practitioner (NP)

  • Provide advanced nursing care and services to patients, improving their overall healthcare.
  • Diagnose illness and prescribe medication, order tests and perform physical exams.

Director of Nursing

  • Manage the daily operations of healthcare facilities and lead the team of nursing staff.
  • Successfully manage and oversee the coordination of services provided to patients in line with laws, regulations and standards of practice.

Non-Healthcare Settings

Nursing students can also pursue careers outside the traditional healthcare field. Many government and private companies seek out nursing backgrounds to fulfill their data analysis, research and care coordination positions. Below are a few potential roles:

Nursing Informatics Specialist

  • Develop and manage technology-based systems to improve the quality of patient care.
  • Utilize a combination of computer science, information science and nursing knowledge to design, implement and evaluate healthcare information systems.

Medical Writer/Researcher

  • Write a variety of healthcare materials like journal articles and textbooks.
  • Conduct medical research and analyze clinical trials.

Healthcare Consultant

  • Provide assistance to both healthcare and medical organizations together with medical insurance companies.
  • Work to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve medical procedures.

Nursing students can opt for a wide range of roles. From traditional registered nurse (RN) positions to roles in medical writing and research, they can find the perfect role to best match their career goals.


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