what jobs can you do with a cdl

what jobs can you do with a cdl

Job Opportunities for CDL License Holders

Getting your CDL (commercial driver’s license) opens doors to a wide variety of career opportunities in the transportation industry. Although the process of obtaining a CDL can be intimidating, the rewards are worth it! With a CDL, you’ll have the chance to travel throughout the country, earn a higher-than-average salary, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping to keep the goods and services we rely on daily moving across the USA.

Jobs Using a CDL

  • Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver – This is the most common type of trucking job available. A tractor-trailer driver is responsible for transporting goods from one location to another. The job often involves long hours on the road, with extended trips and an expected minimum of 50 hours per week driving.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator – Heavy equipment operators transport and operate large machinery such as bulldozers, dump trucks, and cranes. This is an excellent career choice for those who aren’t afraid of heights and enjoy working with their hands.
  • Bus Driver – If you don’t want to drive a truck for a living, you can still use your CDL as a bus driver. Bus drivers are responsible for transporting passengers safely between destinations and observing all traffic laws.
  • School Bus Driver – School bus drivers have the added responsibility of transporting students to and from school or on field trips. School bus drivers must adhere to a strict timeline and must always be alert while driving.
  • Tanker Driver – Tanker trucks are used to transport hazardous materials and liquids. Tanker drivers must be thoroughly trained and hold a special type of CDL in order to drive this type of vehicle.

No matter what type of trucking job you decide to pursue, a CDL license is a valuable tool that can open the door to a wide range of employment opportunities. Take the time to get your CDL and reap the rewards of a lucrative and rewarding career in the transportation industry!


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