what jobs can you do with a cdl

what jobs can you do with a cdl

What Jobs Can You Do with a CDL?

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a type of driver’s license issued by a governing body which allows a driver to operate large, commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers, semis, tankers, delivery trucks and buses.

Jobs Suitable For a CDL Driver

With a CDL, you can secure various jobs with typically strong salaries and great benefits. Here are some of the best career options you can pursue with a CDL.

1. Truck Driver

Truck drivers use their Commercial Driver’s licenses to transport freight and goods from shippers to receivers. Becoming an over-the-road truck driver is a great way to make money while traveling the country.

2. School Bus Driver

School bus drivers use their CDL to transport students to and from school. Becoming a school bus driver is a rewarding career choice, as it allows drivers to give back to their community and make a difference in the lives of children.

3. Refuse Truck Driver

Refuse truck drivers are responsible for taking out trash around businesses, neighborhoods and streets. This type of job requires planning and route management skills as drivers try to keep their routes as efficient as possible.

4. Shuttle Bus Driver

Shuttle bus drivers use their Commercial Driver’s License to transport people from one destination to another. This type of job is perfect for those who want to meet different people every day and want to drive for a living.

5. Ambulance Driver

Ambulance drivers use their CDL to transport patients to and from hospitals. Ambulance drivers must be committed to helping those in need quickly, so this type of job requires extreme attention to detail and excellent driving skills.

In summary, there are many great job opportunities that you can pursue with a Commercial Driver’s License. From truck driver to ambulance driver, you can choose the career path that is right for you and secure a job that pays well and is rewarding.


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