what jobs can you get at 13 in colorado

what jobs can you get at 13 in colorado

Jobs for 13 Year Olds in Colorado

Colorado offers plenty of job opportunities for its younger citizens. Although the Federal law sets a minimum age of 14 when it comes to non-agricultural work, those 13 years of age may take on some of the following jobs.

Jobs with Parents or Legal Guardians

13 years old may often work within their own households under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians. Some of the jobs may include:

  • Babysitting – watching over younger siblings or neighborhood children for a fee.
  • Pet Sitting – providing pet owners with a service that takes care of their pet when they are away or unable to do so.
  • Mowing lawns or shoveling snow – many homeowners in Colorado need a helping hand when it comes to landscaping.

Retail Jobs

In Colorado, 13-year-olds may get a job in retail. Especially if they are in the entertainment industry, they may work as a cashier, ticket seller, customer service rep, gift wrapper, and more.

Agricultural Work

13-year-olds in Colorado may engage in agricultural work on farms. This includes picking fruits, vegetables, and grains. It also includes working with animals and helping with various agricultural tasks.

Hospitality Industry

Colorado residents aged 13 may find a job in the hospitality industry. As long as the work does not include any operation of a vehicle or machine, jobs such as waiting tables or dishwashing are perfectly legal.


13-year-olds in Colorado can also utilize their academic skills and gain employment as a tutor. Of course, with their young age comes the responsibility to only take on tutoring jobs for younger students.

All in all, 13 year olds in Colorado have plenty of options when it comes to jobs, as long as they don’t involve operating any type of vehicle or machinery. With proper parental guidance, any young worker should have an enjoyable and safe experience.


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