what jobs can you get at 13 in texas


What jobs can you get at 13 in Texas?

When it comes to jobs, teens need an opportunity to learn responsibility and earn some spending money. While Texas law restricts the types of jobs that minors can work, there are still many opportunities available to 13-year-olds looking for work in Texas.

Legal Requirements

In Texas, all workers under age 18 need a youth employment certificate (also known as a work permit). The certificate is issued by the school district and allows minors to work in certain jobs. According to Texas Employment Commission rules, only a few types of work are available to 13 year olds:

    • Office and clerical work with no repetitive motions


    • Yard work and errands (for neighbors, family and friends)


    • Baby-sitting


    • Yard sales


    • Home chores


Child Labor Laws

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) stipulates when and how many hours minors 13 or older may work. Generally, the maximum hours of work per day are:

    • During school weeks – three hours per day


    • During non-school weeks – eight hours per day


    • During summer vacations – 40 hours per week


Jobs Available To 13-Year-Olds

With the right work permit, 13-year-olds can find employment in a variety of occupations, including:

    • Babysitting – Babysitters watch children in someone else’s home. Employers typically look for candidates with prior experience. Most jobs average $12 to $14 an hour.


    • Pet Sitting – Working with animals is a great way to get outside. This job typically involves walking dogs, playing with cats and catering to the special needs of specific animals.


    • Real Estate Agent – Being a real estate agent allows teens to work with others in a professional setting. Agents help facilitate the purchase and sale of properties. You must complete real estate courses.


    • Delivery Person – 13-year-olds can also make deliveries for local businesses such as florists, pizza restaurants and dry cleaners. Delivery jobs typically pay between $9 and $15 an hour.



Working at 13 can be both rewarding and challenging. It’s important for teens to remember that the jobs listed above might have different rules and regulations. Before applying for any positions, be sure to check the labor laws in your state and the required permits.


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