what jobs can you get at 14 in california


What Jobs Can You Get at 14 in California?

It may surprise you to know that 14-year-olds in California can get jobs, as long as they have special permission. California labor laws specify certain restrictions for minors under the age of 18, however, California teens may not put in as many hours or work as many days as adults due to age restrictions.

Jobs That Are Allowed

Though restricted, there is a variety of jobs that 14-year-olds can get in California. This includes:

    • Office Work: You can work in an office with special permission from the Department of Labor. This includes filing, making copies, and cleaning.


    • Retail Jobs: You can get hired in a retail store with the permission of the Department of Labor. Tasks may include stocking shelves, cashiering, and cleaning.


    • Restaurant Jobs: Restaurants are allowed to hire 14-year-olds if they are supervised by an adult and a parent signs a special consent form. These jobs could include washing dishes, cleaning tables, and stocking supplies.


Time and Place Restrictions

Though 14-year-olds can get these jobs in California, they can’t work more than 3 hours per day or 18 hours per week during school days. Additionally, minors can’t work after 7pm in California, even on non-school nights.

Specific Rules to Follow

14-year-olds in California can work in various places with the proper paperwork and consent. But, all minors must follow specific rules outlined by the Department of Labor to stay safe and abide by California labor laws. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Must have a Minor Permit


    • Must be supervised by their parents or a designated adult


    • Must take at least 30-minute breaks after every 5 hours of work


    • Must not drive a car on the job and must be at least 16 years old to operate machinery


14-year-olds in California have the opportunity to work and gain valuable work experience, but they must still follow the necessary rules and regulations to keep themselves safe and comply with the state’s labor laws.


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