what jobs can you get at 14 ohio

what jobs can you get at 14 ohio

Jobs You Can Get at 14 in Ohio

The State of Ohio has laws in effect that are specific to minors looking for employment. Reporting to work prior to the age of 14 is strictly forbidden; however, there are some employment opportunities available to individuals as young as 14.

Farm Work

The Ohio Department of Agriculture allows farm work to begin no earlier than the age of 14. This includes farmhand and seasonal labor, such as harvesting. This law applies to all hand harvesting and field labor, excluding hazardous conditions and power-driven farm equipment.

Riding or Grooming Horses

If 14 year olds are interested in taking care of horses, either by riding or grooming them, aboard a farm or stable, this type of employment is allowed in Ohio, under the laws that govern the safety of minors.

Children’s Entertainment Industry

Child actors, models, musicians and other entertainers can seek and obtain employment at the age of 14. This type of work requires permission from the Department of Commerce; permission to work can be denied if the type of performance is too sophisticated for a young worker 14 years of age.

Other Types of Employment

When it comes to other types of employment, the Ohio Department of Commerce has additional rules that must be followed if a minor is interested in employment. The list includes:

  • Optional Employment – This may include store shelf stocking, newspaper delivery positions and gopher-type jobs.
  • Work Permits – For roles outside of those mentioned above, minors are required to obtain work permits.
  • School Working Hours – If a minor wishes to work before or after school hours, 8 hours a day, or during school hours, restrictions apply.
  • Incentives for Good Work – Employers may incentivize minors with bonus points, or other rewards for good behavior and performance.

The rules and laws surrounding jobs for minors vary from state to state. Ohio’s Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce actively involve parents and/or guardians in an effort to ensure the safety of young minors while helping them begin their work experience. For more information, please visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture or the Ohio Department of Commerce websites.


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