what jobs can you get at 14 ohio

what jobs can you get at 14 ohio

Finding a Job in Ohio at Age 14

It can be difficult for a teenager to find a job – especially when the legal age to work is 14 in Ohio. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options to explore. The following list outlines some potential jobs you can get in Ohio at the age of 14.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the most common jobs 14-year-olds can work in Ohio. Since babysitting involves taking care of small children, applicants must meet certain requirements, like taking an in-person class taught by Red Cross or having a background check by the local police department.

2. Pet Sitting/ Animal Care

If you have an affinity for animals, pet sitting/animal care may be a great option. There are plenty of families in Ohio with pets who need supervision when they go away. From walking the dog to feeding cats to even cleaning the tanks of pet reptiles, animal care is a flexible job that anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 can do.

3. Freelance Writing/ Tutoring

If you excel at a certain school subject and have strong communication skills, you might consider writing or tutoring. Platforms like Care.com and Tutor.com are places you can use to market your freelancing services.

4. Yard Work

From mowing the lawn to cleaning up flowerbeds, there’s always a need for yard work tasks in Ohio. If you have a knack for landscaping and have basic equipment like a lawn mower and leaf blower, you could start your own business.

5. Kiosk Work

Many retail stores in Ohio are now adding kiosks, which are self-service merchandising units that provide information, goods, and services. Attendants need to be responsible, friendly, and reliable – all of which make it a great job for 14-year-olds.

6. Landscape Seeding

If you’re comfortable working outside, you may be able to find some seasonal work doing landscape seeding. Companies usually hire seasonal employees from April to November to help with sowing and planting.

Finding a job in Ohio at age 14 isn’t easy but it is possible. With the right attitude and the right work ethic, there are plenty of opportunities to get into the workforce and start making money.


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