what jobs can you get with a cam license

what jobs can you get with a cam license

What Jobs Can You Get with a CAM License?

A CAM license stands for Certified Apartment Manager and is a qualification issued by the National Apartment Association (NAA). This qualification is a highly sought-after one in the property management sector, so gaining it will open up many interesting job opportunities. Here, we will discuss what kind of jobs you can get with a CAM license.

Property Manager

One of the most obvious jobs you can get with a CAM license is that of a property manager. These professionals oversee a variety of activities related to residential and commercial properties including budgeting, leasing, resolving tenant complaints, performing periodic inspections, and hiring or training staff.

Leasing Manager

Leasing managers are responsible for enticing good tenants and negotiating leases. A CAM license will provide you with the skills and expertise required to do this job effectively. It will give you the knowledge necessary to manage a leasing office, uphold fair housing laws, and solve related legal issues.

Operations Manager

Operations managers are responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day operations of a property go according to plan. This job involves organizing, recruiting, and managing staff, overseeing sales, and creating marketing campaigns. With a CAM license, you will have the confidence and experience to take on this role.

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance managers have to satisfy the day-to-day needs of tenants, as well as handling urgent repairs. This job requires you to keep up with building maintenance and operational regulations, as well as supervising the maintenance staff. A CAM license will give you the necessary knowledge and expertise to do this job efficiently.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for creating and maintaining good relations with potential tenants and fulfilling business objectives. This job involves creating attractive campaigns, adhering to budgets, and analyzing market trends. A CAM license will give you the experience and qualifications you need to take on this role effectively.

These are just a few of the jobs you can get with a CAM license. As a qualified CAM holder, you will have the knowledge and confidence to take on a variety of challenging roles in the property management field. You will be able to work as an independent property manager or find employment with a real estate firm or an independent property dealer.

Overall, earning a CAM license gives you the opportunity to make a great career in the property management sector.


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